Igrosoft: Internet

Igrosoft company offers Internet versions of the games.

All our programs have successfully passed RNG certification
Program features Notes
Real exchange network with a server The server is used for calculations.
Original algorithms The use of the algorithms applied in the original game
Automatic game
  • Click the button “Igrosoft” in the lower right corner to start/stop the automatic game.
  • The automatic game mode does not include the risk-game. Bonus game objects are activated sequentially from left to right.
To activate some game elements you need to click them It is possible to activate numerous game elements by clicking them. For example, click any playing card in the risk-game to activate it, click any rope to activate it, etc.
You can turn on/off sound effects Click the corresponding button in the upper left corner of the interface to turn on/off sound effects.
Game display modes It is possible to choose between windowed and full screen display modes of the game interface - click on the corresponding icon on the toolbar that pops up when your mouse cursor is moved to the right side of the interface. Full screen mode is preferable at screen resolutions less than 1024x768 pixels.

Driving the implementation of online games

Documentation on API

Below you can try browser version of our games.


These programs are provided for illustrative purposes only. Therefore, any real money transactions are not made.

The “Igrosoft” company is interested in cooperation with owners and developers of internet systems who want to employ original games.